Property and Project Type

The Ribago-Despina area consists of nine blocks totaling 85 mining titles and covering 1,470 ha. Although some historical resources have been outlined, it is still considered a Greenfield project as no exploitation has occurred on the property. Five of the nine blocks are 100% Falco-owned, three are 75% Falco-owned, and one is 60% Falco-owned.


Ribago-Despina is located in the southern part of the camp at the corner of Duprat, Dufresnoy, Beauchastel and Rouyn townships about 6 km north-west of the city of Rouyn-Noranda.

Target Minerals

Copper, Zinc, Gold and Silver.


The stratigraphy of the area is typical of the Central Camp with the basal Upper Amulet Rhyolite overlain by the Amulet Andesite, and both resting on the Flavrian Batholith. Formations strike East North-East and dip 30° to 40° to the South East with tops in the same direction. An exhalative horizon (“C”/Main) lies at the top of the Upper Amulet Rhyolite and contains the Ribago deposit. The Héré Creek Rhyolite lays uncomformably on top of the sequence in the South East part of the area and is truncated by the Beauchastel Fault. A large gabbro dyke/sill crosscuts the eastern sector.

GeologyMap IconClick to view Geology map GeologyMap IconClick to see the location of the Horne 5 deposit in Quebec

Historic Workings

Since the late 1920’s, numerous companies have carried out various exploration programs on the main blocks in the area, particularly the Beauchastel Copper and Ribago 98 blocks (Despina Gold Mines and Ribago Rouyn Mines in the 1940’s and 50’s, Beauchastel Copper Mines in the 1960’s). Since 1975, Noranda Exploration with partners Cambior and Central Asia Goldfields, systematically explored by drilling and down-hole geophysics - the “C” contact at depths of 300 m to the west to more than 1,500 m to the east.


Two types of mineralization are known in the area:

Massive sulfide lenses and associated stringer zones.

  • The Ribago massive sulfide orebody with historical resources
  • The Ribago West Zone showing has reported stringer zone grades of up to 1.24% Cu over 16.2 m and 7.8 g/t Au and 1.25% Cu over 1.5 m in drill holes.
  • The New Ribago (south zone) showing - 9.63% Cu over 0.75 m and 3% Cu over 1.3 m in channel samples taken from a stringer zone.

Quartz-copper-gold veins.

Eleven quartz-copper-gold veins striking east-west and dipping steeply to the north occur within the Beauchastel Copper block. They crosscut the Amulet Andesite over the “C” horizon and could represent the remnants of underlying hydrothermal fluid channel ways. Veins range in size between 0.3 to 3 m in width and tens to hundreds of meters in length. 

Work planned

3D (gOcad) compilation is in progress.

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