Property and project type

The Noralex property is a Greenfield exploration project and consists of 169 claims covering an area of 7,214 ha. It is 100% owned by Falco Resources.


The Noralex property is located in Clericy and La Pause Townships, about 25 km East of the city of Rouyn-Noranda.

Target Minerals

Gold, Copper-Zinc


The property is underlain by a monoclinal sequence of volcanic rocks striking North West (Hebecourt Formation) separated from a sedimentary sequence to the North East (Kewagama group) by a major regional fault; the Parfouru Fault. Further to the North East another bimodal folded volcanic sequence (Renault-Dufresnoy Formation) represents the cycle 5 of the Blake River Group. Several mafic dikes and sills cross cut all the formations. The deformation is more intense than in the center of the camp showing a well-developed East West schistosity and a late conjugated crenulation of North East and North West orientation. Some 10 km further east and on the same stratigraphic horizon are the Mouska, Doyon and Laronde gold deposits.

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Historic Workings

From 1929 to 2011, several exploration surveys were carried out on the property including 36 magnetic surveys, 50 EM surveys, 18 IP surveys, 1 gravimetric survey and 22 mapping and prospection surveys as well as 184 diamond drill holes.

In 2014, Falco drilled two new holes for a total of 507 metres.

Economic Geology

Several zones of economic interest are found on the property. They are described as follows:

  • The Anaconda Brass area including a semi massive sulfide lens (Discovery Ridge showing) assaying 5.1 g/t Au and 1.29% Cu over 0.5 metres and 1.92 g/t Au with 5% Cu in a surface grab sample and the West showing assaying up to 11.0 g/t Au in surface grab samples.

  • North West structures parallel to the Anaconda Brass structure assaying 5.3 g/t Au in a surface grab sample.

  • Lateral extensions of the Viau prospect (1.41 g/t Au in surface channeling).

  • East West sheared and sericitized zones in the south of the property. Best assays are 1.0 g/t Au over 1.0 metre and 0.6 g/t Au over 4.5 metres in drill core samples.

  • The Young Buck showing which is intrusion related like the Doyon and Mouska mines assaying 1.93 g/t Au over 33.0 metres and 1.64 g/t Au over 24.5 metres in drill core samples.

  • A sulfide zone north of the Young Buck showing associated with chloritized volcanics assaying 4.09 g/t Au over 7.2 metres in a drill core sample.

  • A low grade gold mineralisation in mafic and magnetic volcanics reports assays of 0.56 g/t Au over 39.0 metres and 0.5 g/t Au over 20 metres.

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