Western Camp

Beauchastel Gold

From northwest to southeast, the bedrock consists of basalt, andesite, rhyolite and dacite of the Blake River Group. These volcanic formations are mostly oriented NE-SW to E-W and dip approximately 45° to 60° to the south. There are several gold structures that traverse the Beauchastel property, the dominant one being the Quesabe fault, which has a NE trend. It is mapped at several places in south and east parts of the property and hosts the post-tectonic Giant Quartz Vein (GQV). The GQV is, in fact, a system composed of large quartz veins (up to 30 m), silicification and brecciation along the Quesabe fault plan. The Quesabe fault hosts the past producing Quesabe Mine, 2.5 km to the NE on the Flavrian property. Many structures, mostly parallel and sub-parallel to the Smoky Creek fault, are mapped on the property including the Twin Lake fault which is present in the SE part of the Beauchastel property.

  • Gold
  • Copper-Zinc
  • Molybdenum

Economic Geology

There are several gold structures on the Beauchastel property. Two of them however, are more significant in size and are sub-parallel to the Smoky Creek (Faille Mouilleuse) and Beauchastel faults – the Twin Lake fault, which has a NW trend and occurs in the SE part of the Beauchastel property, and the Quesabe fault, which is oriented NE-SW and hosts the GQV (Giant Quartz Vein). The intersection of the Twin Lake and Quesabe faults also happens to be the location of the highest gold value (19 g/t Au in a grab sample) obtained on the property. This high gold value lies in the vicinity of the D-Zone, which has 7 grab samples with gold values over 5 g/t Au, the highest concentration on the property.

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  • Historic Workings

    From 1951 to 2012, several exploration surveys were carried out on the property including mapping, geochemical sampling, airborne and ground geophysics as well as 107 diamond drill holes.

    In 2014, Falco carried out a 50 km IP survey on the northern part of the property.

  • Property and Project Type

    The Beauchastel Gold property is a Greenfield exploration project and consists of 34 claims covering an area of 1331 ha. It is 100% owned by Falco Resources.

  • Location

    The Beauchastel Gold property is located in Beauchastel and Duprat Townships, about 15 km West of the city of Rouyn-Noranda.