Western Camp

Four corners Dubuisson

The property is underlain by a homoclinal sequence of felsic to intermediate lavas striking North East. The Horseshoe gabbro is in faulted contact with the volcanics. This gabbro, at the contact of the Golconda Fault, is host to the gold mineralisation of the McCafferty showing. A Proterozoic diabase dyke cross cuts the property from North to South.

  • Gold
  • Copper-Zinc
  • Copper-Nickel

Economic Geology

Three main showings are known on the property:

It consists of injections of quartz-sulfide veins and disseminated sulfides in the walls. The wall rock is a sheared and chloritized rhyolite. The best assays are as follows:

4.69 % Cu and 1.29 % Zn over 0.2 metres
0.53 % Cu over 8.4 metres
0.55 % Cu, 1.86 % Zn and 8.57 g/t Au over 1.2 metres
This gold showing is essentially associated with a gabbro with the presence of a strong hematite alteration and a fair amount of sulfides. The best assays are as follows:

1.4 g/t Au over 13.1 metres
2.0 g/t Au over 9.8 metres
2.8 g/t Au over 6.1 metres
This showing is associated with the Proterozoic diabase dyke and has probably been remobilized. The best assays are as follows:

1.61% Cu and 2.13% Ni over 0.4 metres
0.46% Cu and 1.05% Ni over 1.5 metres
1.46% Cu and 1.22% Ni over 0.3 metres
0.66% Cu and 1.00% Ni over 1.0 metres
2.39% Cu and 1.64% Ni and 8.57 g/t Au over 0.6 metres

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  • Historic Workings

    Several companies have done exploration work on the property. From 1938 to 2012, 16 geophysical surveys including 4 mags, 9 EM, 1 IP, 1 VLF and 1 gravimetric were carried out. Furthermore, 19 campaigns of mapping, prospecting and sampling as well as 84 drill holes were done.

    In 2014, Falco carried out a shallow four holes drill program on the McCafferty gold showing for a total of 513 metres.

  • Property and Project Type

    The Four Corners Dubuisson property is a Greenfield exploration project and consists of 20 claims covering an area of 628 ha. It is 90% owned by Falco Resources.

  • Location

    The Four Corners Dubuisson property is located at the intersection of the following Townships: Montbray, Duprat, Dasserat and Beauchastel, about 21 km West-North West of the city of Rouyn-Noranda.