Environmental Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Respecting customs, culture and values in the communities in which we operate

We consider operational excellence to include more than a return to our shareholders; it also considers our employees and their families, the communities where we work and the impact on our environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment aims to achieve a balance of economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social responsibility that extends beyond the economic life of our operations.

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Our Policies
01.We believe in building relationships within the communities in which we operate
02.We base our principles on accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, human rights and respect for stakeholder interest
03.We ensure that personnel are trained in the above-mentioned principles and that a continual awareness program is in place to support that training
04.We have established a sustainable development committee which is responsible for reviewing our sustainability performance
05.We believe that meaningful and productive work is an essential element in human development
06.We encourage employee health and safety representation. We will not tolerate discrimination in any form and we promote equality of opportunity
07.We seek to minimize the company's environmental footprint through implementing environmentally responsible practices
08.We support and enhance our local supplier strategy, where practical, sourcing goods and services from local or nearby businesses
09.We utilise our relationships with stakeholders to promote a fair and positive outcome for all parties