Environmental Policies

Environmental Policy

Economic Prosperity without Compromising the Environment

We seek to minimize the Falco's environmental footprint by implementing environmentally responsible practices through all of our activities. We view effective management of the environmental effects from our activities as critical to our success as an organization.

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Our Policies
01.We believe that we can reduce our impact on the environment
02.Sound environmental practices are considered to be a core element in our operations
03.We are committed to allocating the resources, and the ongoing training and awareness necessary to help achieve our stated objectives
04.We will take all necessary precautions to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and we will develop controls to mitigate environmental risks
05.We regularly review our performance against best practices
06.We are committed to ensuring that the environment aspects are being addressed and the environment is protected for generations to come
07.We respect the jurisdictions in which we operate, abide locals laws, permit and license conditions