Environmental Policies

Health & Safety Policy

Safety First, Last and Always

The health and safety of our employees and contractors is fundamental to our business. We aim to provide a safe and healthy work environment as we continuously improve all aspects of health and safety performance and strive for the goal of zero injuries.

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Our Policies
01.We believe that all of our employees have the right to return home safe, every day
02.We believe that all of our employees have the right to ongoing training programs designed to improve their skills and knowledge
03.We aim to continuously identify opportunities to improve our performance, to prevent ill health and eliminate workplace injuries
04.We act with urgency and care to eliminate or control health and safety hazards
05.We consider health and safety a core value that shapes our overall performance
06.We expect our people to be leaders in our workplace, to be accountable for their actions and accept responsibility in the prevention of incidents
07.We respect the communities in which we operate, abide locals laws, permit and license conditions